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Attachment clip

The security attachment clip enables you to freely use one hand while the other is inflating the bulb.

Certified & tested

Certified 300mmHg manometer retaining accuracy of +/- 3mmHg (Industry Standard). Unlike others, this is without the need of a pin stop to stay within the Standard. Each unit is stress tested over 3,000 times and calibrated five times.

Removable Bladder

High density, non-stick, non-cracking inflation bladder is easily removed to quickly clean for a more hygienic practice.

Universal Cuff

Perform accurate arterial compression with artery indicator label and index range. The cuff is compatible with all MDF® blood pressure systems. The High-Molecular Polymer nylon cuff and case are abrasion and mositure resistant.

latex free

As with all MDF® products, the Calibra® Pro is Latex Free to protect both you and your patient.

wind screen

A small wind screen at the base of the hand pump allows it to inflate while filtering out unwanted particles and debris.

precise deflation

The screw-type valve delivers precise deflation at a measured control rate decided by you.

Larger Gauge

The Calibra® Pro has a 20% larger gauge than other manometers in its class, for faster and easier blood pressure readings. The shock guard protects against stress to help preserve calibration accuracy, while the patented Double Bellow design ensures durability and longevity.