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This past year, we’ve had an abundance of Crafting Wellness moments and they wouldn’t have been possible without YOU. We’d like to use “Care to Remember” as an opportunity to recount and share some of these moments that were highlights of our year and have deeply moved us.


This past February, we were approached by Jamie, a local mother who has dedicated her life to providing wellness for children globally, including providing children with a chance to receive life-saving surgeries. Inspired by her own daughter’s congenital heart condition, Jamie hosted Abigail, an 18 month year-old girl from Ecuador who urgently needed a home to host her or she would miss out on her chance at critical heart surgery in the U.S. and wouldn’t survive. Abigail stayed with Jamie and became part of the family while she underwent surgery for her heart and pacemaker surgery for 8 ½ months.

“We fell in love with her. The saying always was, “You fix a heart and break your own.”

After several years of Facetime sessions, visiting Abigail’s family in Ecuador, and several more stints of surgeries in the U.S. Jamie wanted to plan a Disneyland trip for Abigail, her mother, and sister. She wanted it to be a time without surgeries and a time for the girls to simply have fun. It was a wish we were more than happy to help come true!  And it was a magical day Abigail and her family would always share.

Sadly, weeks later and after fighting for so long, Abigail passed away. But her fight, joy for life, and sweet soul inspired everyone she met along her journey. Though the news is heartbreaking, we are thankful for everyday heroes like Jamie who helped provide hope, love, and a joy-filled memory to an unknown family, thousands of miles away.

To join Jamie and others providing homes for children needing life-changing surgeries, please visit:


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