California CareForce

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California CareForce provides free health, dental, and vision services to residents all over California. California CareForce partners with individual volunteers, professional organizations, universities, and businesses, holding mobile clinics where Californian’s, regardless of income, status or education can receive care. 

We have had the privilege of supporting free health care events in the Cochella Valley hosted by California CareForce for the past three years. Stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, penlights and reflex hammers are used by volunteer practitioners during screenings and examinations.


People arrive at 5AM to receive a number guaranteeing them an appointment with either a medical doctor, dentist, ophthalmologist or all three.


Check-in is the first step for patients. A brief medical history helps patients get registered as they wait to be seen.


Next patients have their vital signs checked. These numbers are important for medical doctors and integral for dentists. Dental patients must have acceptable blood pressure numbers in order to have procedures done.


At least one hundred dental stations are set up and manned throughout the three day event at Cochella.

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Patients are given vision tests, given a prescription and even have glasses made in the same day.