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California State University Chico


California State University Chico completed their first medical relief efforts in India in 2014. Working with Indian NGO, Agra the team began their efforts at a local hospital. Their first challenge was the surprise of being the only medical practitioners on site. Though the facility did have good structure (exam rooms) there were no doctors and hardly any supplies. The team depended on the minimal number of supplies they were able to bring with them to offer healthcare to the members of the local community. It was quite an educational challenge for the students! Next the team worked with local NGO, I-India. I-India's mission is to provide street children with a future. The CSUC team worked with the "Gypsy Camp" primarily the children, to provide healthcare and healthcare education in Jaipur, India. I-India had several local volunteer medical practitioners and medication allowing the team to be very effective in their efforts.

The CSUC team was able to leave MDF stethoscopes and Blood Pressure monitors with these practitioners and community health workers. Once the team headed back home, faculty advisor Mariam Walters continued on to Pakistan, Malakan District in KPK. She spent much of her time educating local community health workers on the importance of taking blood pressure readings, what the dangers of hypertension are and how they can monitor regularly to help the people of their community. She left many stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs with these community health workers allowing them to continue educating their community regarding hypertension and health. Mariam also spent time with a special women's healthcare group and clinic. This group educates women from local villages about women's health issues. These women return to their local villages and educate the women of their villages on this same topic.

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