How many college students do you know, who would sacrifice their sacred summers off to serve underserved communities thousands of miles away? While many students are using their summer breaks for a “get away” or vacation, numerous students from Campbell University use this time to provide medical care to underserved communities in South America and Asia. We were privileged to provide medical equipment to one such team, a group of four osteopathic medical students and two faculty members, who served in several remote villages in Armenia.

“We were in Armenia for nine days, and during those days we saw over 300 patients,” said Dr. Victoria Kaprielian, associate dean for faculty development & medical education, who added that some patients in nearby villages walked for more than three hours to visit the clinic.

“We would set up clinics in local churches, or anywhere that was the center of the community … by the end of the trip we had set up six remote clinics,” recalled Ester Kim, a second-year medical student on the Armenia trip.

With guidance from faculty members Kaprielian and Dr. Charlotte Paolini, the students helped with physical exams and advised patients on hypertension and basic healthcare. They later went to a pastor’s home in the area to share healthy habits and teach about personal hygiene.

Paul Langston with the North Carolina Baptist Association said, “This team was a tremendous blessing to the people and churches of Armenia where access to quality healthcare is limited. They impacted hundreds with their quality care, words of encouragement and education.”

What a way to spend your summer! We are proud of our Crafting Wellness Team members who work so hard to attain their degrees and still find time to serve others. It takes a special heart and quite a bit of sacrifice. Thank you for all that you do! The next generation of Doctors and Nurses is going to be remarkable.

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