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The Children's Garden


The Children's Garden is a volunteer run organization that helps orphaned and disadvantaged children receive needed medical treatment. TCG is currently focusing on their One Less Orphan Program which seeks to provide families who have children with cleft lip palate (30% of all Chinese orphans were inflicted with CLP in 2011) a toolkit that contains everything needed to care for a cleft lip palete baby and information on how to get free surgery. Many parents of CLP children feel forced into giving up their children, as they believe that they do not have the resources or knowledge to properly care and feed their CLP baby. Their only hope is to give up their child to institutions, believing that the government would grant their child a better a chance at life. This thought process has caused an influx of CLP babies in already over-capacity Chinese orphanages. The Children's Garden seeks to end this cycle and equip parents with the resources necessary to keep one more family together and prevent one less orphan.

The Children's Garden is currently seeking funding and donations of CLP bottles to provide three 4th and 5th tier city hospitals with 600 toolkits. These toolkits will contain: Two Cleft Lip Bottles, instructional DVD and written instructions on how to feed a CLP baby, Information on where to get support and a free CLP surgery. TCG also serves their children through their: Recovery Home- for pre/post surgery children from rural China allowing them to stay in Shanghai for extensive medical care. Hospital Volunteer Program- to provide practical support to families during long term hospital stays. One Less Orphan Program - to assist families with medically fragile children so they do not become orphans.


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