2015_04_28_-img_0567-1When the volunteer medics of Ventura County East Valley Search and Rescue arrived at the San Gabriel Mountains for routine training, they had no idea they would be called to a real life emergency evacuation. As they began to unpack for the day’s events, local hikers arrived in a panic explaining that a group of hikers had fallen down the side of a mountain.


It was evident that the hikers had sustained injuries and they were in need of immediate aid. The VCSR3 Team leapt to action, hiking into the mountain, over dangerous territory, to the stranded hikers and evacuating them to safety.


Watch their incredible efforts here: Channel 4 News Spotlight VCSR3 Everyday Heroes

We couldn’t be more happy to announce that the volunteers of Ventura County East Valley Search and Rescue will be awarded an LA County Service Award for their heroic efforts. Congratulations to each of the hard working, dedicated volunteers of VCSR3! It is our privilege to support your efforts and we feel safer knowing that heroes like you are crafting wellness in our community!


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