Can you imagine dropping everything and sailing around the world? What would it take? How could you even begin to make this dream a reality?

It’s possible! Meet Sam, Cass and their incredible kids. They are planning to voyage around the world offering incredible life experiences to their children while connecting with the world around them. img_3882

Traveling around the world on a sailboat. I will remember, all my life, the moment my husband Sam first talked about doing this. It was summer, the day was splendid and the grass was green and lush. However, things in our minds were not as ideal. It seemed we were living our life on cruise control (at high speed I should mention since we were working crazy hours in the video game industry), without wondering if we were going the direction we wanted. We were leading a happy life, but not a fulfilling one. We needed something to make us feel alive. “Hey Cass, we should go sailing around the world.” Sam said. His eyes were glowing with the idea of ditching the rat race. On a sailboat, everything is slow. This was 6 years ago and today, our dream is about to come true. But two major events changed our plans in these past years: they are called Sally (3) and Mateo (9m), our amazing kids.

With a family, it’s true that life goes fast. Too fast! And everyday, we find it crazy running to drop the kids at the daycare, to commute to work – in a hurry- and rush again to pick them up at the daycare again at the end of the day. One of our core motivations for this adventure is to spend as much time as possible with our growing kids. We believe there is no better education we can give them than to live a simpler life, close to nature, with our values. We want to show them how beautiful, yet fragile the world is. We hope they will learn to turn fear into curiosity and will see that true happiness is the thing everyone is looking for.

We’ll begin our voyage by acquiring a sailboat in the Caribbean and from there we will hop from island to island until we cross the Panama Canal. At that point, we hope to sail the Pacific Ocean to reach French Polynesia. Honestly, with two kids in tow, we feel completely free to adapt that itinerary according to their rhythm, the weather and the opportunity for them to meet friends.

Before our departure, we are preparing ourselves to be completely autonomous on the sailboat. Diesel mechanic, electricity, learning Spanish, first aid and homeschooling are only a few examples of the skills and knowledge we need to acquire in the upcoming months. 

img_3885One of the important aspects for us is the security of our kids. We are receiving medical training in order to become Doctor Mom and Dad on board. When we looked into purchasing a blood pressure monitor and stethoscope for our training, we contacted MDF Instruments. That’s how we learned about their Crafting Wellness Initiative. They offered to equip us with a donation to ensure we had equipment we could count on at sea. We were not expecting this at all and feel so grateful to have such support. They truly got our respect from the first day.

fullsizerender-16Recently, MDF Instruments asked if we’d be willing to carry more equipment that we could donate to the communities we’ll visit along the way. It truly brought tears to our eyes. It is moving to imagine being part of such a generous gesture. We are still searching for our new boat, but we will definitely have a dedicated space for these instruments. This brings an even deeper dimension to our adventure: teaching our kids how privileged they are, and what serving humanity is.

Last but not least, we need to sell all of our belonging to afford 3-5 sabbatical years. Most days, it is exciting to think of. Sometimes it feels a bit scary. When it happens, I remind myself the name we gave to us as a crew: SaltyMatey. It’s the combination of our two wonderful mini’s nicknames. As much as it is for them we are leaving, it is also them who give us the courage to step up and walk the talk.

So, is anyone looking for a toaster, a car or a house for sale?

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We are so excited to be part of the SaltyMatey Voyage and we look forward to sharing their stories with you.

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