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After the traumatic earthquake of 2010, Hands Up For Haiti was created by a group of individuals to assist with disaster relief efforts. Though the epicenter of the earthquake was located in Port-au-Prince, HUFH traveled to Cap Haitien, the second largest city in Haiti, located on it’s northern coast. Medical help was in desperate need as many earthquake survivors traveled to Cap Haitien seeking refugee.

Through the assistance of the Cap Haitien Health Network, HUFH has created education programs for Haitian medical practitioners, and established hospitals, clinics and outreach programs. HUFH continues to equip Haitian doctors and nurses with medical and dental equipment.

We proudly supported Hands Up For Haiti with a donation of stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, penlights and other medical diagnostic equipment that has been gifted to clinics, hospitals and local Haitian medical practitioners.

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