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The small team from IUPUC, lead by Faculty member Bethany Murray, MSN, RN, spent six days at the Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital in Manzini, Swaziland. RFMH has maternal/child, pediatric, medical-surgical and intensive care wards as well as a variety of outpatient programs - all located on the same site. Each program or ward in in a separate building and has to be accessed by going outdoors and walking along covered concrete paths. They also conducted five out-patient ""health clinics"" serving all ages (infancy to the elderly) while in Manzini. The first clinic was held at a local preschool, the second and third at two different homesteads (or collections of homes), the fourth was at Saving Children through Healthcare and Outreach Welcome Center and the final clinic took place at a primary school. All in all the team assessed and treated around three hundred people through these clinics. The biggest challenge was the need for basic over-the-counter medications. In children at the hospital they say several cases of pneumonia, diarrhea and malnutrition. Out-patients generally suffered from cough/respiratory symptoms including asthma, stomachaches/hunger, dental needs, skin conditions (rashes, fungal infections).


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