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Lighthouse Medical Missions is a volunteer based organization bringing the love of God to poorer nations of the world through medicine. They organized medical volunteer teams that travel and serve in Gambia and Guinea-Bissau, Kyrgyzstan, Nambia, Sierra Leone and Burundi. 

Our first encounter with Lighthouse Medical Missions was in supporting their 2013 medical mission to The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau, Africa. Stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors and penlights were crucial to their work as they provided free-health care to the communities they served. Since then, we have been privileged to support LMM’s returning medical missions annually through donations of medical diagnostic equipment.


Dr Quiuta-General Practitioner worked along side Lighthouse Medical Missions physicians dispensing medications free to all patients.


Dr. Quiuta examines a patient with her new MDF Stethoscope.

img_2337 img_2338   lighthouse-gb_2-2014


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