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Each year, Manchester Community College nursing students venture out from New Hampshire to different parts of the world to provide medical relief to underserved and difficult to reach communities. They provide free health clinics to disadvantaged individuals through out the communities they travel to. Their trip to Quito, Ecuador with Timmy Global Health in 2013 was a major success. In their firs year, they attended to over six hundred patients in five days of free clinics provided to the local community. Now, they return to Santo Domingo, Ecuador annually. Their passion for Crafting Wellness around the world is unique and continues to inspire.

2013 Mission Pictures:

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“The patients we served were thankful for our services and we were thankful for the opportunity to serve individuals, families and whole communities who do not have access to regular healthcare.  We are thankful to the caring MDF community, as well, for providing medical diagnostic equipment that added to the success of our medical brigade.”

2014 Mission Pictures:

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