img-20170921-wa0021On September 19, 2017  a 7.1 magnitude earth quake struck Mexico City killing over 200 people and damaging countless structures. Rescue workers, disaster relief teams, and medical emergency volunteers rushed to the city to help with search and rescue, and medical and humanitarian aid. MDF Instruments Mexico was heartbroken by the disaster and leapt into action, hand-delivering medical diagnostic equipment to doctors, nurses, and emergency medical volunteers working tirelessly in the city. Mario Ortiz, an MDF Instruments Mexico sales manager, lead the charge, traveling to the part of the city most affected by the earth quake.

img-20170921-wa0013“Today I was in the area affected by the earthquake; Everything is already more calm. People are gradually coming out of this problem.The team of Topos Mexico City were in Chimalpopoca had no stethoscopes or blood pressure monitors. The help we provided was very good, aimed especially at the doctors who are working in the disaster areas. People were so grateful for this help…since not all doctors had the necessary equipment to intervene and help the people most in need.  Without doubt, MDF was very helpful in this situation.” – Mario Ortiz

img-20170921-wa0017With so many natural disasters occurring recently, it is difficult to know how to be of help. We are proud to have MDFers (MDF Instrument team members) who bravely intervene and help others. They are the heart and soul of our Crafting Wellness Initiative.Thanks you for your quick thinking and generous efforts MDF Mexico team!

If you are looking for ways to directly help people affected by the earthquake, please follow this link from Charity Star for the highest rated charities taking action:



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