Research College of Nursing: Kansas City Nursing School

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Research College of Nursing coordinates service learning experiences for their nursing students as part of their effort to promote development of the individual nurse as a scholar and leader dedicated to providing service to the greater society. In 2013, this team traveled Uganda to work with St. Mary’s Hospital and School of Nursing at Lacor. Faculty and students from RCN developed and implemented assessment classes for faculty and students at the School of Nursing.

We are proud to have supported Research College of Nursing’s effort in Uganda with a donation of medical diagnostic equipment.

“Previously, they (St. Mary’s Hospital and School of Nursing) had two blood pressure cuffs for 300+ students. Most of the units at the hospital (500+) beds didn’t have blood pressure cuffs or stethoscopes so a set was given to each unit. We were also able to give each student a stethoscope from our donations. Two of the teaching stethoscopes were give to the school and one given to the School of Midwifery at Kalongo. The faculty at both schools were so excited to receive the gifts especially since they didn’t have any teaching stethoscopes.”

Lana K. Davies, MSN, RN, CPNP
Assistant Professor
Research College of Nursing

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