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haiti-presentation-5Team Broken Earth is a volunteer task force of physicians, nurses, and physiotherapists from across Canada committed to delivering and improving healthcare in Haiti. Our first interaction with Team Broken Earth was in October 2014, as they prepared to return to the Bernard Mevs Hospital in Port au Prince, Haiti,  Their goal was to provide specialty and basic medical care while including healthcare education opportunities to the community.

sharing-using-equipment-donated-by-mdf-to-broken-earth-5-1They found that their greatest challenge was preparing for the trip to ensure that they saw as many patients as possible. Many hours were spent developing clinic strategies to increase the numbers of patients in each specialty, allowing them to attend to nearly four hundred patients, perform 30 surgeries and train the staff at the hospital on Infection Control and PPE with considerations on Ebola. They also trained in wound care, PALS, Research, Trauma ER Nursing and Residents and Orthopedic Emergencies. A truly effective use of their time and resources!

sharing-using-equipment-donated-by-mdf-to-broken-earth-8-2While visiting an orphanage Team Broken Earth was introduced to small boy who was discovered in the garbage, grossly malnourished and dying. They rushed him to the nearest hospital and the young boy was treated and nourished back to health. Team Broken Earth covered all of his medical expenses, made sure he returned to the orphanage, ensured that he is well on the road to a healthy life.

Team Broken Earth returns to the Hospital with large teams of volunteers year round to continue to make an impact on the community. We have had the pleasure of assisting them for the past few years by providing medical diagnostic equipment used by doctors, nurses and medical staff of Team Broken Earth. Stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors and other instruments are also donated to local health practitioners and community health leaders to assist with screenings throughout the year.

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2014 Mission Pictures:

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