img_2782Team Dios Orando, is a medical relief team lead by Dick and Judy Smith and comprised of volunteer physicians and nurses, nursing (pre-nursing) students and faculty from Charleston Southern University.

The team travels to the island of Roatan, Honduras to provide free healthcare clinics to underserved communities.

img_2787This semi-annual mission focuses on continual personal care for their patients by keeping formal intake and treatment records at each mobile clinic location. Copies of patient’s records are kept by local doctors to insure continuity of care.

Team Dios Orando provides a full-day clinic to patients who travel from all over the island. This clinic allows doctors to prescribe necessary medication and refer patients to government facilities for further care. They even provide transportation for these patients insuring that their needs are met.

In addition, they travel to four other remote locations including impoverished schools in the barrios and remote villages in the mountain burralos, caring for patients who cannot travel to the Flowers Bay Church, for the full-day clinic is located. The emphasis of these mobile clinics is on teaching and preventative health care.

Team Dios Obrando transforms the Flowers Bay Church sanctuary in to a clinic. Honduran doctors, nurses, and church members volunteer their time to help with medical care and translating.


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West End elementary school: In addition to health screenings, medications and vitamin prescriptions to children and their patients, Team Dios Orando also hosts healthcare education workshops.







During a mobile clinic in a mountain burralo, locals gather around the matriarch Mazie as they prepare to be seen by nurses and doctors.

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fullsizerender-3The heart of this effort, is the local volunteer medical practitioners:
“In a society that doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from, it is difficult to explain the importance of “what we do now affects our future.” That is why the supplies we take with us are so important. Many of the doctors and nurses in the government clinics are attempting to treat patients with little to NO supplies. These professionals are working off their service years required by the government before they are permitted to obtain employment where they can begin to earn an income. They often start with NOTHING but the will to serve.” – Judi Smith

img_0129-1We are so grateful to Team Dios Obrando for teaching and equipping these devoted healthcare professionals with MDF Instruments medical diagnostic equipment. It is our mission to equip these healthcare heroes with the equipment they need to match their “Will To Serve”. Thank you Judi and Dick Smith, Teresa Vasa and the volunteer nursing students of Charleston Southern University for joining us in our mission to Craft Wellness.

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