We were introduced to Clinique Sur Appel de Delmas when contacted by a volunteer from On Call: Medicine with a Mission. On Call, an anchor project of Time Square Church Missions, established the clinic in 2013 and now they make bi-annual trips to the clinic to assist with large scale health fairs and other community projects in Port-au-Prince. We were only too happy to send the On Call team with a donation of equipment for the clinic, volunteer community health leaders, and medical personnel as they headed back to Haiti in June.

Though their mission began as planned, assisting at the clinic and the surrounding community, the focus of the team shifted immediately as they came across a patient in dire need. Volunteer Linda Sookhoo shares his story:

“This June, we had a patient who had a gate fall on him as he was working, leaving him paralyzed, with an injured leg and confined to a mattress. When he came home paralyzed, his wife left him, took all the money he had and he was left to be cared for by his brother and sister-in-law back in February. He was treated in a hospital, but discharged without adequate care. He was carried by the community to us (On Call) on a mattress due to being paralyzed. He was sent home with a catheter still in place for three months when he arrived to us for help, which we could not deflate right away. As a result of his injuries and being discharged, he developed three chronic bedsores, which covered all of his lower back and hips. Fortunately, we were able to care for him, clean his wounds and were able to get him to a hospital after being rejected from every hospital we sent him to for three days.”

The patient, Mr. Sanon, was rejected from two different hospitals as the facilities did not have the proper materials or staff to care for him. He was finally admitted to a third hospital thanks to the tenacity of the On Call team. He received the operation that he needed to appropriately clean and treat his bed ulcers and the urology and orthopedic consultations. According to Linda, “He has made significant progress and remains upbeat in his spirit despite the challenges he faces on a daily basis.”

Mr. Sanon is at a serious cross roads as his ready to be discharged from the hospital, but he has been abandoned by his family and friends. He has nowhere to go and is need of long term rehabilitation.
“We have brought him this far, and would hate to see him return to the prior state when we first met him. We shifted our priorities from getting medical equipment and supplies to the rehabilitation of Mr. Sanon.” – Linda Soohook
On Call is raising funds to admit him to a rehabilitation facility in Fermathe, Haiti for at least two months. Just $2500 will help cover the cost of room and board, three meals and day and physical therapy three times a week. Follow this link to donate and help Mr. Sanon get the recovery and care that he deserves: https://www.gofundme.com/medical-equipment-medicationhaiti  We are so grateful to On Call for taking the time and effort to care for Mr. Sanon, who may have otherwise been left to succumb to his condition without their aid.
2017 Misson Update: Check out what On Call is doing at Clinic sur Appel de Delmas
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