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Each summer a team of students from the Master’s College travels to different parts of the world to assist with assessments as well as teach and learn within a special field. The 2013 one small traveled to the Philippines assisting at a birthing clinic for one week and a hospital for five weeks.

Their first week was spent in a birthing clinic in Manila. This clinic strives to provide quality medical care for pregnant women at an extremely low cost. The team from Master’s College helped do pre-natal checkups and a few member of the team were able to witness live births. They were thrilled to be able to gift the clinic with several MDF prenatal and pediatric stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs.

The following weeks were spent on the island of Mindanao working out of a hospital called the Rivera Medical Center, Inc. The team of students was able to pair up and rotate through each department of the hospital. They observed and assisted in the operating room, participated in emergency response, followed the doctors on their rounds, and even performed some phlebotomy work on patients. They were also able to observe cases that were unique to a third-world tropical region such as Dengue fever.

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