Tok, Alaska Critical Access Clinic

Base | Area, | Cause, | Volunteers: 1-2 Paramedics, 1 Primary Care Physician

Tok, Alaska is a small town in west Alaska near Canadian Yukon territory. The Tok, Alaska Critical Access Care clinic provides primary care to around thirty patients a day and also works in very close proximity with Emergency Medical Services. Many patients in need of EMS traveling by ground or air are brought to the Tok clinic first to be stabilized before transport. Tok is a minimum of four hours away from the nearest hospital in Fairbanks, so volunteer EMS maintains a plane with two pilots available to transport patients immediately. This allows patients who are in need of critical care to get to the major hospital in Fairbanks and Anchorage quickly and safely.

We proudly provided the both the clinic and the EMS plane with a donation of stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, penlights and reflex hammers to assist with daily patients and stabilizing patients in need of transport.

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