pon-uganda-2017-2A brilliant example of what it means to Craft Wellness, Power of a Nickel expands the reach of  their medical relief to Uganda annually. Providing clinics in five different locations, it is always with compassion and competence that they carefully plan their efforts to create lasting healthcare improvements for the communities they serve. The team’s recent assistance in the the Katwe slums brought their global community together in a remarkable way.

pon-2017-team“A little girl was identified in the Katwe slums (yes, where the movie Queen of Katwe is set) during our 2016 mission.  After many emails, with EKG, ultrasounds, etc. of her heart, it was decided by the doctors in Uganda, and those who were giving opinions in Tulsa, OK, that she needed surgery to correct the hole in her heart if she was to live. We sent an email blast out to our community and within 20 minutes these incredible folks help us raise the funding for her heart surgery in Kampala, Uganda. She had her surgery earlier this year and when we returned to Uganda this March we were so very fortunate to be able to see her as she was finally being released from the hospital.” – Barbara Grogg, Co-founder of Power of a Nickel

img_8346It is inspiring to see that a community, thousands of miles away, with no personal connection to this little girl, was moved to action and helped to save her life. Power of a Nickel show us, together we are stronger. Together we can make miracles happen. Thanks you to Stan, Barbara and the many volunteers of Power of a Nickel for their continued efforts in Crafting Wellness around the world.

Learn more about Power of a Nickel here: https://www.mdfinstruments.com/crafting-wellness/power-of-a-nickel-2/

Visit there website here: http://powerofanickel.org/uganda

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