In March 2017, Peru was devastated by torrential rain causing massive flooding and deadly mudslides called “Huayco”. El Niño interacted with human-induced climate change caused the strongest climate phenomenon in recorded history.

More than 100,000 homes were demolished. An outbreak of Dengue fever ensued along with other mosquito-borne illnesses. Ninety-four people lost their lives. Over 100 bridges and roads washed out. And more than 1.1 million people were displaced.

We knew we could help, but we needed to act fast. We got resourceful with our resources and got cranking. We all chipped in, loaded our suitcases with our medical products, and hopped on the next plane bound for Peru. We flew from Los Angeles to Lima, then drove from Lima to La Libertade, one of the hardest hit regions in Peru.

Next, redezvous with Janet, local MDF Ambassador followed by a Tuk Tuk that was fast and furious. We drops directly to those who can help the most. The Fast Tuk Tuk took us to Doctors operating in remote “Medical Posta”, volunteers making a big difference, and nurses caring 24/7 for the injured.

Along the way we saw the strength and resilience of the Peruvians. They are united and determined to overcome the crisis and to heal and rebuild as a community. #ViviaPeru


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