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What is Get One, Gift One?

Get One, Gift One. For every medical instrument you purchase until the end of the year, MDF Instruments will donate an instrument to a clinician in need.

How does it work?

In the spirit of giving, you can ensure that your gifts brings delight not only to loved ones, but to on-the-ground healthcare workers and their patients. Purchase any MDF Instrument until December 31st, 2016 and share your purchase with @mdfinstruments and #mygiftgaveone. That's it. MDF Instruments will then partner with healthcare teams both locally and internationally to provide medical equipment to in-need regions. Want to see where your donations might go? Check out some of our Crafting Wellness pages here.


Crafting Wellness is our commitment to use our passion and strengths to help make the world a better place to live. It is our responsibility to utilize our skills and talents to do more, to do what is right, and to do what we can to increase wellness in our world. Also, it's fun to give back.

Why give medical instruments?

Simple diagnostic tools are expectations in most modern healthcare facilities, but are commodities at rural clinics serving in-need communities. Don't take our word for it - check out Dr. Omeed Saghaffi's account while serving at the Global Emergency Care Collaborative in Uganda, a Crafting Wellness team and beneficiary from last year's Get One, Gift One initiative:

“When I arrived at Nyakibale with donated blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes from MDF instruments, I had initially assumed they wouldn’t be useful. In America, these things are a given; they are the most important part of delivering medicine. You cannot have a hospital without them. I was certain if there was anything an ED should have plenty of, it would be blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes. I was naïve.
There were only two stethoscopes hanging on the wall in the ED, and these were shared by everyone.... If the stethoscopes or blood pressure cuff had to be used on more than one person at a time (a nearly constant occurrence in an ED), the parts of the examination or treatment that required their use would have to be deferred until a stethoscope or cuff was available.
Now, thanks to MDF, all of the ECPs have their very own stethoscopes. There are blood pressure cuffs to go around. And, they all arrived just in time, because they are now the only working cuffs and stethoscopes in the department. They literally touch every single patient and life that comes through the Emergency Department at Nyakibale.”

- Dr. Omeed Saghaffi

1. GET ONE: Purchase an MDF Instrument (Engraving is free!)

2. Share your purchase on Facebook or Instagram with @mdfinstruments and #mygiftgaveone (make sure your account is public!)

3. GIFT ONE: MDF donates to a clinician in need

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MDF reserves the right to asses the need and requirements of the beneficiary and provide a suitable donation of MDF products. Stories shared above serve to communicate possible locations and situations where an MDF instrument can benefit a clinician, volunteer, medical mission or clinic. Donated items will not necessarily be donated to the Crafting Wellness teams outlined above or those who have served in the past. MDF reserves all rights and discretion to administer GOGO campaign and Crafting Wellness initiative. Donated items will be quantified via tagged photos on Facebook and Instagram and accounts must be made public (otherwise we can't view them).