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Second Stories with Emily: A Day in Uganda

Second Stories with Emily: A Day in Uganda
October 20, 2015 No comments

PartII of Emily Kirk’s Second Stories, Emily shares the schedule of a typical day in Uganda. If you have not yet met Emily, please read her intro here and join us as we follow Emily on her adventure!

Everyday is different, but here is a sample of a typical day:

5:30 AM: Wake up to the sounds birds, roosters, and monkeys outside my window.

6:00 AM: Make breakfast for my family

6:15 AM: Wake up my younger siblings

6:25 AM: Breakfast as a family

6:40 AM: Tidy room, make bed, put up net, help kids get ready for school

7:00 AM: Kids walk to school down the road and I go in the backyard to wash the dishes from breakfast

7:25 AM: Get dressed for the day, pack my backpack for the clinic

7:45 AM: Walk to the clinic

8:00 AM: Arrive at the clinic and begin morning cleaning (sweeping and dusting)

8:25 AM: Set up for patients

9:15 AM: Our first patient of the day arrives.

-We saw around 10 patients today, many of them brought their babies for vaccinations such as polio and measles. Three came for a malaria test and only one was positive. We had a young girl with bleeding ulcers, typhoid fever, and a couple of minor injuries.

1:00 PM: Walk home for lunch

1:30 PM: We eat lunch together as a family, even the kids come home from school. Today we had beans, rice and Chipatti (which is like a tortilla)

2:00 PM: Talk to my friend Rebecca who is a village cook, she makes all the meals for the staff that work in the village.

2:30 PM: Hand wash laundry

3:30 PM: Study Luganda (the local language)

4:30 PM: Take the clothes down for hanging outside and put away

5:00 PM: Volleyball at the village school

7:00 PM: Make/eat dinner

8:00 PM: Take a cold shower

8:30 PM: Read, write, relax

10:00 PM: Bed.

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