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A Nurses Week Event: #SCRUBSNACKS!

A Nurses Week Event: #SCRUBSNACKS!
May 10, 2017 No comments


As a healthcare professional, how often have you opted for a not so healthy snack due to your hectic schedule? If you’re rolling your eyes or sighing as you answer yes to this question, then tune in to watch The Wellness Chicks share their most beloved healthy foods that will fit into your scrub pocket as you go about conquering the day. In honor of Nurse’s Week, The Wellness Chicks will be holding a LIVE Facebook event MAY 10th at 7pm EST “#SCRUBSNACKS!”

The Wellness Chicks, Nicki and Kelsey, will share some of their favorite brands of healthy snacks that will fuel even the most busy body. The purpose of this event is to keep our hard working nurses and medical professionals healthy and well as they strive to keep the world healthy and well. These lovely ladies will also be giving away fig scrubs, MDF Rose Gold stethoscopes, and other #SCRUBSNACKS! So don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring wellness to your life…because a healthy and happy nurse makes a world of difference.


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