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Introducing Second Stories with Alex Allison

Introducing Second Stories with Alex Allison
July 20, 2015 No comments

Welcome to Alex.

Alex is medical only by association—both her parents doctor (and she knows how to diagnose headaches and coughs by examining, well, symptoms), but she is first and foremost a secondstoryteller. She’s the person who hears a story about a place—say, a story about war, bombs, and desert in Iraq, and is quick to respond, “Yes, and Ferris wheels.” Iraq, at least northern Iraq, contains quite a few Ferris wheels.

Alex wants to be a maven on Middle Eastern cultures but has a long way to go. Her initial intrigue stemmed from a romantic relationship she, a Christian, maintained with a Muslim boy in their senior year of high school. Since then, she decided to make as much peace as possible between Christians and Muslims, and decided that telling more, and different stories, about the Middle East was a good place to start—so she moved to Iraq to find them and back to share them.

She is a lover of all things sweet potato (with the sad exception of sweet potato lattes), obscure holidays, and the Oxford comma. She also wants to write a book, give a TED talk, and have her own Wikipedia page with mostly true facts. And maybe, one day, own a teacup pig.

She’ll be blogging monthly on medical missions, foreign missions, local missions, impossible missions (if you choose to read them), wringing tidbits of wisdom that humbled her from fives summers of medical missions in Honduras, two summers of writing about medical missions in Iraq, and one winter of completely non-medical missions in China.

And so it begins; Alex recommends you slip on your most fluffy socks, grab your teacup pig, and enjoy experiencing the second stories.

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