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OUR FIGHT IS YOUR WAR (An ode to nurses)

OUR FIGHT IS YOUR WAR (An ode to nurses)
May 12, 2017 No comments

An Inspiring Ode to Nurses for Nurses Week

We at MDF are passionate about nurses, all they do for us and all the hardships they endure. This year, for nurses week, we asked Brooke Anne Smith, from TLC’s Too Close To Home, to help us thank all nurses everywhere in a special way.


Brooke is extremely kindhearted and grateful for the care we are given. But more than that she’s just awesome and acutely aware of the tremendous burden put on our caregivers. When asked what was the motivation behind crafting, Your War, this is what she said:

“Think about this. Think about looking someone in the eye, someone you barely know, and taking their hand with a smile, knowing very soon they are going to die, and telling them everything’s going to be okay. How would that make you feel? Now imagine doing this every month, every week… every day. What about bathing someone else because they are unable to do it themselves? Or feeding them? Or taking their temperature? Or simply offering a smile for no other reason then it is needed?

Nurses are a warm smile and a gentle hand when your world is falling apart. They stand by your side, and show you that you are not alone. They show us not to be afraid during the scariest and darkest times of our lives. They see us at our weakest, our most vulnerable, and with love and care they show us that we can stand up again and fight.

They fight for you, they fight for me, they fight for your mom and your dad and everyone you have ever loved. So today, and everyday we should show them love and say THANK YOU. For they soldier on when we can’t – when we don’t have it in us. They force us to keep fighting because together, with their love, we WILL win.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. MDF is in the business of serving humanity and the crafting of wellness for our minds, bodies, and souls. If you have not had a chance to watch the video you can watch it here:

You come home.
You say “hello” to your husband, your wife,
or your daughter or son
or just a phone call
and someone undoubtedly asks…
how was your day?
How was your day?
Four simple words forming a simple question
and yet the answer as it trips from the tips of your lips…is simply not…
That simple

Because in order for it to be simple you need have a simple day.
A day which doesn’t begin without sun and end without stars.
A day unfilled with heartache and sorrow and scars.
But your days, your days are the essence of hard

With blistering feet marching yard after yard.
Through the trenches and ditches, the blood and the gore
You soldier on for you must, because this is your war.
Your war, though perhaps without honor or glory
Is a war necessary and a burden to be borne, see

Your war, may be filled with charts and health plans,
With MRIs, Blood Pressures, temps , and CAT scans
And bed pans too…yes it’s true oft worse for wear
But that is why in front of “caregiver” is “care”
Nurses like Doris and Katie and Anna and Claire

You’re at War!
On the front of the lines tall you stand, fly your banner
For, a nurse is simply a soldier with unbending bedside manner.
You are our soldiers against disease, against pain
Against hopelessness’ vanity leaving its stain
In plain view on dull eyes, sober, buried in grief

As life clings and then slips, no relief the last leaf…
…of the fall, falling down to the ground then no more
And the winter reminds you that you’re still at war.
Soldier on.

Toe to Toe face the day with open minds and closed fists.
We are your sisters, your brothers at arms, we are sick.
We are sick but we’ll battle right up to death’s door.
If you’ll be our soldiers, come to our side and to the fore
Against despair, let us ROAR.

Shake with rattling cries.
Valor rages inside you, filled with purpose and pride.
You are healers you are champions, you’re our maps and our guides
So stand up and be proud as united we rise.

Because we are not just people on a rock spinning in space
WE are one people we are together one human race
Held together by the stitches of your caring embrace
And made whole by your heart and warmth of your grace.

Soldier on, ‘cause we need you like never before
Because YOU are our soldiers.
And our fight is your war.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.08.07 AM

Brooke also performed live at our nation’s capital, where MDF joined SMYS as nurses banded together to demand safe nurse to patient staffing ratios. Here we stood on the front lines with our comrades in the war against disease and against pain to make our voices heard.

Thank you Brooke for sharing your spirit with so many who may not always get to hear the gratitude we all truly have for them. And thank you nurses for forever being our warriors. Soldier on.

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