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The New Superfood You Probably Don’t Want to Try

The New Superfood You Probably Don’t Want to Try
August 31, 2016 No comments


From coconut to hemp, and now almond — milk has gone through various trends over the years. But what if you were given a choice from the most unexpected of sources, like a cockroach — would you drink it? The answer to that would likely be a definite no. But would you reconsider if you were told that cockroach milk was the new superfood?

People are constantly seeking out the newest health food trends regardless of how crazy they may sound. Drinking a placenta smoothie might just be as bad as drinking cockroach milk but some will go as far as to try all the trends if it will mean a longer and healthier life.

The Pacific beetle cockroach produces a crystallized milk that can be extracted in either milk or crystal form. If you cut open an embryonic beetle roach, a shimmery pale, yellow liquid will spill out from the sac. This liquid is rich in nutrients, surprisingly more so than buffalo milk which was the previous top contender for the most protein and calorie rich milk. The milk itself has been said to not taste like much, which means it won’t alter the taste of your beloved bowl of cereal.

The nutrient-rich milk crystals of the Pacific beetle cockroach are prettier than they sound.

The nutrient-rich milk crystals of the Pacific beetle cockroach.

Now that you know a little more about the nutritional content — would you consider giving beetle roach juice (milk) a try? Fortunately for consumers, the milk has not hit the market just yet and it most likely won’t be mass produced due to the obvious difficulties that may arise when milking a roach. But if you ever find yourself without food and water but have plenty of Pacific beetle cockroaches nearby, remember that you can milk them!

Source: NPR

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