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Crafting Wellness > A Movement

Crafting Wellness > A Movement
January 28, 2016 No comments

“The time is always right to do what is right.” – MLK Jr.

It’s time to do what is right. Though some may regard us as “just a manufacturer” of high-quality medical instruments, we have the unique position to do so much more. We came to this realization years ago, and quickly became aware of the great need of quality instruments in resource-poor regions. Not only were instruments not available, the quality of instruments and training for local health workers were also lacking. In this deficit, we saw opportunity.

An opportunity to give courageous individuals who serve on-the-ground the tools they need to provide care for their patients. These individuals include the incredible emergency care practitioners and students at the Global Emergency Care Collaborative. Dr. Saghafi, a volunteer at GECC, shared the accomplishments that GECC has achieved in Rukungiri, Uganda, “The ECPs save lives. Their mortality rate for malaria is 2% compared to a national rate of 3%-4%. Mortality due to trauma is cut in half compared to other figures for the region.” This was accomplished with only two stethoscopes and one very worn down sphygmomanometer shared amongst their entire staff.

The GECC is changing the face of healthcare in Rukungiri and MDF Instruments is honored to support their team. Just by providing GECC with enough quality instruments for each clinician allowed their team to work more efficiency, allowing for more patients to be assessed by the talented ECPs and in turn, many more lives saved.

This story is not unique. Thousands of leaders have dedicated their lives to transform their communities for the better. It is our honor to equip these heroes with the tools they need to treat their patients.

Crafting Wellness, though, spans beyond just donations. It is a movement that every person on our team truly believes in. Whether it is donating time at orphanages, supporting local and sustainable produce, or simply reusing a glass water bottle instead of plastic; we are crafting wellness by being good to ourselves, others, and the world.

You can be a part of this movement. With these collaborative, small choices to do good we can make fundamental change. Join us.

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