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Deaf Israeli EMT Breaks Boundaries

Deaf Israeli EMT Breaks Boundaries
August 5, 2016 No comments

As children we are told that we can be whatever we wish to be with hard work and determination. What if along the road we were told to limit our dreams due to a physical disability that we did not choose for ourselves. This is the reality for many of those with physical disabilities. But for one special person, the dream of being an EMT came true with hard work and determination. Nechama Loebel, who has been deaf since birth, has defied the odds and become the first deaf EMT in Israel.

Israel’s national volunteer EMS organization United Hatzalah, has successfully trained Loebel to respond to emergency situations. Loebel, like all other volunteers, will only be called to an incident in her area. With a few minor differences, such as the use of alternate methods to respond to a situation, she will be able to aid those in need like any other EMT. For example, Loebel will use the organization’s unique LifeCompass technology that will give her detailed visual instructions as well as vibrating signals to keep her alert and notified of any emergency situations.

United Hatzalah Founder Eli Beer says, “We are proud to provide an inclusive framework for members of the population who are deaf and hearing-impaired. We hope that Nechama’s successful inclusion in our ranks will mean a more inclusive attitude within Israeli society in general.” Beer’s dream of bringing together medical personnel from all segments of Israeli society has come to fruition.
It goes to show that disabilities can no longer be held against those who wish to actualize their dreams. With the advances in technology and science, there is virtually nothing that cannot be done. People like Nechama Loebel can serve as inspirational figures for those who were once told that they must limit their aspirations due to their disability. Clearly the world we live in now allows us to defy the odds and be whatever we wish to be.


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