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Dear Nurses – A Letter from an MDF’er

Dear Nurses – A Letter from an MDF’er
May 11, 2017 No comments

Dear Nurses,

My name is Lynn and I wanted to write a little thank you to express the gratitude I have for nurses, a gratitude that has ultimately given me purpose here at MDF Instruments.

Prior to my arrival at MDF Instruments, I was taking care of my best friend full-time. In her early twenties she was diagnosed with NMO, an incurable and aggressive autoimmune disease that attacks the optic nerve, spinal chord, and brainstem. I went to all of her chemo appointments, infusions, overnights in the ER, and stayed with her for her longer stints in the hospital. Let me tell you, the experience was completely dependent on the care she received from nurses. I cannot say enough how much nurses helped my friend press on.

When you’re watching your best friend suffer through infusion after infusion, a kind face who actually listened was sometimes more precious than the relief the medication he/she administered. It was the nurses who fought and advocated for my friend, while others meandered around without a concern for her pain. It was the nurses who were vigilant in getting my friend’s medications when doctors forgot to put in orders. It was the nurses with a “screw the system” attitude that put my friend’s safety and comfort first. It was the nurses who had a killer sense of humor who gave us relief from the pain and chaos of the moment. It was the nurses who remembered my name, my friend’s preferences (warm blanket, ginger ale, and Lorna Doone cookies), and who chose to get to know us that made us feel at home. It is the love that nurses had for my best friend, a love for a stranger, that has deeply moved and forever changed me.

Leaving my best friend’s side full-time to work with MDF Instruments was a tough choice, but I rest easy knowing that her nurses are cheering her on when I can’t be there. I’d also like to think that my decision has allowed me to create a greater impact, being able to serve and support nurses who do nothing but pour out their lives to serve others.

For this reason, it is vital that my work at MDF allows for nurses’ concerns to be heard, that nurses receive the care they deserve, and that they have the tools they need to continue saving lives. At MDF Instruments, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work beside nurses in groups like Show Me Your Stethoscope (SMYS), a community of over half a million nurses that seek to empower and support each other via scholarships, rallies, forums, and medical missions. Last week, we had a blast rallying together to call attention to safe nurse-to-patient staffing ratios in Washington D.C., but we were also startled. There are so many challenges that prevent healthcare providers from doing their job – providing patient-centered care. Our mission at MDF Instruments is to Craft Wellness and encourage and empower others who are also Crafting Wellness, which means we want to be a part of this conversation and to expose the realities of what nurses go through each and every day. We created a video in hopes to encourage nurses who are fighting the good fight and to provide the media with a more realistic version of a nurse’s profession (you can watch and share the video here).

So thank you nurses for empowering individuals who are saving others just like my best friend, day after day. Thank you for choosing to pursue such a selfless and thankless career. Thank you for making my work matter. It’s truly an honor to be by your side. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to support the ways in which you Craft Wellness and feel free to reach out if you have any doubts, questions, or concerns at

See you next year SMYS!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,


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