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Second Stories with Emily Kirk: Introduction

Second Stories with Emily Kirk: Introduction
September 17, 2015 No comments

It is our great pleasure to introduce Emily Kirk, one of our Customer Wowness Specialists, who is putting her dreams into action by serving in Africa for the next 6 months. Emily is a woman who truly exudes brightness and life and has a laugh so contagious, the office often gravitated towards the Customer Wowness desks. Needless to say, we are excited to share Emily’s Second Stories and post updates as her accessibility to internet permits. Join us as we follow Emily and her journey to #CraftWellness.

Hey! My name is Emily Kirk, I am from the greater Los Angeles area and I am 18 years old. I just graduated from high school this last fall and have decided to take a gap year to go live in Africa to experience life in a different way. Since I was a young child I have had a heart to serve others; it has long been my dream to care for babies and children that were unwanted or uncared for. My long term goal would be to live in Africa serving at a baby home or orphanage.

What are you doing in Africa and why?
I will be living in a small rural village in Uganda. My purpose is to enter into the community and the local life style. I am using the six months or so as a test run to see if I can actually make it over there for an extended period of time. I have been on several missions’ trips before including Thailand, Russia and Mexico, but I have always had an underlying desire to go to Africa.

What are some current concerns, issues, expectations, hopes?
I am so excited for my trip that it leaves little room for concern. I have dreamt of doing this for my whole life and the fact that I will board a plane to Africa in 5 days in completely surreal.

How have you been preparing?
Packing. Packing. Packing. It’s difficult to prepare to leave the country for 6 six months not really knowing what exactly I am getting into. Other than packing, I have been vaccinated for yellow fever, updated my passport, and done a lot of research where I will be living.

What do you hope to happen by the time you return from Africa?
I hope to have made an impact in the community. To have personally experienced the needs of the community so I can more precisely help in the future. To have built connections and friendships with the people there. To understand myself better and grow in serving others.

If you would like to follow Emily, she also has a personal blog:

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