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Free Burma Rangers Risk Lives to Rescue Victims in Mosul

Free Burma Rangers Risk Lives to Rescue Victims in Mosul
June 6, 2017 No comments

Today our office is both overwhelmed with sadness and awe after viewing CNN’s feature of one of our extraordinary Crafting Wellness teams, Free Burma Rangers‘ rescue mission in Mosul, Iraq. As corpses lay across rock and rubble in ISIS controlled neighborhoods, FBR sought to rescue and provide aid to victims from a recent attack.

“All last night, people came crawling across the highway near the hospital near the first bridge. Early this morning we saw that at least four people were still alive including children, but ISIS controlled all access and swept the area by sniper, machine gun, mortar, and RPG fire. There was no way to help them even though they were only 150 yards away.”

dave and child

Despite ISIS snipers and gunmen surrounding the team from three sides, Dave sought to rescue a child he noticed hiding under her dead mother’s hijab.

“As the smoke dissipated ISIS fire intensified. We called for more smoke and the Americans sent it right away again. I prayed and felt now or never and that if I died my family would understand that it was to save a little girl. I ran as fast as I could, snatched up the little girl from her mother and the pile of dead bodies, and made it back to the tank. ISIS was shooting all the time but so was the Iraqi tank.”

Please watch the video in the link below and check out FBR’s website for more ways to help:

CNN feature:

The Free Burma Rangers serve on the front-lines providing educational, medical, and military assistance to the oppressed in Burma, Sudan, and Iraq.

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