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Rod Carew’s Heart of 29 & MDF Instruments

Rod Carew’s Heart of 29 & MDF Instruments
April 14, 2017 No comments

The Heart of 29 Stethoscope


To kick off the new baseball season, Heart of 29, a non-profit founded by legendary baseball Hall of Famer Rod Carew has teamed up with MDF Instruments to create The Heart of 29 Stethoscope! Heart of 29’s mission is to raise awareness and prevention of heart disease with assistance from the American Heart Association. To join in on the team spirit, MDF Instruments will also supporting the American Heart Association!



Rod Carew is one of the greatest hitters in MLB history, a seven-time American League batting champion who was inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991. In late 2015, Carew suffered a massive heart attack while on a golf course. Although Carew had just been given a clean bill of health shortly before, the Hall of Famer suffered a major heart attack on the course that day. Soon after, it dawned on Carew that heart problems can hit anyone at any time; this realization prompted him to reach out to the American Heart Association so that others could avoid the same fate. Carew partnered with the American Heart Association on Heart of 29, a campaign named for the jersey number he wore throughout his 19-year career with the Minnesota Twins and California Angels.

Following his heart attack, Carew went in and out of the hospital numerous times. With his heart condition progressively worsening, Carew was outfitted with a left ventricular assist device (LVAD). The device gave Carew his life back for a period of time and it would later be the motivating factor in his decision to become the spokesperson for Carew Medical Wear Inc., a custom medical outfit company specializing in Left Ventricular Assistance Device (LVAD) undergarments. After trying the LVAD compression shirt, Carew was convinced it was a game changer.

Despite the help of the LVAD, Carew was in dire need of a heart transplant in order to continue on with his life. In December, 2016 doctors removed the device that had been keeping his heart functioning for more than a year, and inserted a donated heart and a new kidney to help with his chances of a full recovery. After remaining in the hospital for a month, Carew said in a telephone interview, “It’s been a long journey, but everything just came out right, the way everybody wanted it.”





The MLB has supported the Heart of 29 Campaign with the same fervor and compassion as the Carew family and the American Heart Association.

A Twins legend himself, Rod and his wife Rhonda was able to partner up with Rod’s former team, The Minnesota Twins, to launch a year-long campaign to raise funds for the American Heart Association and cardiovascular disease. The campaign kicked-off at TwinsFest at Target Field to raise funds for the American Heart Association throughout the 2016 season in a number of ways. Most specifically, Twins fans were encouraged to join or pledge Rod’s Team at the 2016 Twin Cities Heart Walk. The Minnesota Twins matched all pledges to Rod’s Team up to a total of $10,000.

The Los Angeles Angels also partnered with Rod and Rhonda, for a year-long campaign to promote awareness of cardiovascular disease. The California campaign was kicked-off at Angel Stadium in June of 2016 against the Minnesota Twins (Carew played for both the Angels and the Twins from 1967-1985). Carew threw the first pitch of the game and was accompanied by friend and former Angel, Clyde Wright. Crediting Carew, Wright underwent bypass surgery after doctors discovered a blockage. He credits Carew with saving his life by prompting him to see a doctor after Carew’s own heart surgery. In June 2016, both the Angels and Twins wore a Heart of 29 patch to honor Carew and the campaign during pre-game batting practices. After purchasing tickets, fans received a special red Angel hat with a Heart of 29 patch, with a portion of the tickets sales being donated to the American Heart Association.

Carew and his Heart of 29 campaign took center stage at Fenway Park a week after the American League batting title was named in Carew’s honor and 10 months after nearly dying of heart disease. The Red Sox became the fourth team to boost awareness and prevention of heart disease.

In addition, the campaign’s logo was woven throughout the bow tie worn by MLB Fox reporter Ken Rosenthal during Game 3 of the 2016 World Series. Carew’s campaign was part of the action plan for the high-profile World Series, and it just so happened that Heart of 29 was donned for this highly anticipated game.

The Heart of 29 campaign was launched to honor the Carew family’s wish to raise awareness and prevention of heart disease. With assistance from the American Heart Association, the campaign has been successful in its mission to bring wellness to the lives of others by educating them on heart disease. Similarly, we at MDF Instruments believe in Crafting Wellness; as our ultimate mission from day one has been to craft wellness in our community through our professional and personal endeavors. Given the likeness in our core values and mission, it comes as no surprise that we have chosen to support and stand beside Heart of 29 as they continue their journey in Crafting Wellness.

To support Heart of 29, shop the Heart of 29 Stethoscope.


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