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Care to Remember 2017: Homeward Bound

Care to Remember 2017: Homeward Bound
December 22, 2017 No comments

Oct 9, 2018 10:18:34 PM

From the moment we met Patty, we were captivated by her contagious cheerfulness and spirit of serving. Hailing from a family of nurses, Patty attends Fresno State to become an RN, in hopes of pursuing medical school later on. She believes nursing will provide her a foundation in which she can serve both her team and patients better as a physician. This determination to not only want to become a great physician, but also serve through the lens of a nurse, is what impressed us the most. It was over some ice cream she expressed interest in serving in the Philippines.

“I was born in Manila, Philippines and raised in the United States since I was five. I’ve always been proud to be a Filipina-American and felt a strong connection to my homeland that extended across the big pond. My parents have always instilled what it truly means to be a Filipino and returning to my roots was a dream. It was my greatest passion project to serve the needs of Filipino people.”

In July, we flew Patty to Iloilo, Philippines to serve at the Western Visayas Hospital with Work the World. There she assisted in 3 deliveries, worked in pediatrics and the NICU. But most memorable of all, she learned of the values, hardships, and resilience that Filipinos have even in the face of tragedy and adversity.

“I was humbled by my experiences in seeing cases such as pediatric Dengue Shock Syndrome, and traumatic accidents. I was inspired by the teamwork even when patient ratios reached up to 1:40. I was humbled by their innovation with limited resources, and their unwavering empathy in moments where others would be jaded. I was touched to speak to the patients in our national language, Tagalog, and absorb their unique stories. Although I initially may have been seen as a foreigner, by the end of my mission trip I felt like everyone became my extended family.”

As with many of our Crafting Wellness teams, we encouraged Patty to bring medical equipment to use on location and gave her extra to leave with the local healthcare workers.

“Easily one of the most rewarding aspects of the experience was collaborating with MDF instruments to donate 20 adult and neonatal stethoscopes and 5 sphygmomanometers to the medical center which is vastly underfunded. Western Visayas Hospital treats up to 7000 patients per day for a 500 bed capacity hospital. It truly is a hospital where all people seek treatment regardless of income. I noticed that many of the instruments were limited to what we know as disposable stethoscopes or temporary isolation stethoscopes. Although, it was heartbreaking to witness the healthcare disparities, I was grateful to have been able to provide a meaningful and long lasting contribution to the nurses and doctors serving the needs of the indigent and underserved population of the Philippines.”

We are honored to have been part of making Patty’s dream come true and to give back to her country. If you or a team you know is #CraftingWellness and in need of medical supplies, please send an email to

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