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Unsung: Krystal Cromeyer

Unsung: Krystal Cromeyer
August 7, 2015 No comments

I have a real passion for global outreach work. It is a venture that I hold close to my heart one that was ingrained in me from childhood. My parents immigrated to the United States from Central America in the late 70’s. As a child, I would listen to the stories of their home country and the people that they left behind so that they could give us [their children] a better life. I have always had a deep rooted awareness and a connection to others outside of my community.

I cannot believe that I am now fortunate enough to be able to return to Central America and help the people that my parents told me so much about. In my early college years, I took a temporary job as an administrative assistant at Wagner College, never knowing that it would lead to the pursuit of my passion. I worked my way up the ladder to my present position as the Manager of Simulation Lab and Clinical International Experiences. Now I am a part of Project PAC, a team that develops medical mission trips to Central America.

When things get tough, what keeps you going?

When times get tough, I remember what my grandmother used to say to me “no hay que ahorgarse en una gota de agua” [we must not drown in a drop of water]. Keep things in perspective, don’t get caught up in the little things, and remember the big picture. Try and look at difficulties and hardships as opportunities to turn it all around.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting in your position?

My advice is to keep trying and never give up. Perseverance and hard work are important. Along my path, there have definitely been setbacks but with each setback something better came along.

Why did you choose to be where you are today?

When the PA program at Wagner College decided to put together its first medical mission trip to Belize, I quickly joined. I could not have imagined how rewarding it would feel to do something as simple as giving out toothbrushes to young children.

The third medical mission trip was to Guatemala. As I stood in a clinic’s courtyard and painted little children’s faces, I met a little boy that changed my life. His little hands were rough with calluses from all of the farm work he had done. His little toes were covered in dirt and hung out of the shoes his feet had outgrown. But, all he wanted was to be painted like a clown. Despite his hard life, all he wanted was a moment to be a child. I will never forget that moment and I will carry it in my heart for a lifetime.

What does “Crafting Wellness” mean to you?

To me crafting wellness is all about creating better outcomes in small meaningful ways.

Lastly, do you have a story or moment that has had an impact on your life?

For me, that moment happens each year when I return to the villages that we have visited in the past and are greeted by happy running children.

– Krystal Cromeyer, 33, Wagner College PA Program and Project PAC

Project PAC:

Unsung, is a feature MDF proudly brings to the MDF community highlighting the incredible MDF’ers who are truly #CraftingWellness. We hope to inspire, encourage, and connect humanity by sharing the stories from the thousands of anonymous individuals whose imprint can be seen in the lives of countless others.

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