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Care to Remember 2017: Another Day, Another Life on the Line

Care to Remember 2017: Another Day, Another Life on the Line
December 14, 2017 No comments

In June we were stunned when we saw Dave Eubanks, head of Free Burma Rangers and long time Crafting Wellness partner, charge across gunfire to rescue a young girl laying amongst the dead. CNN had captured footage of FBR’s team in Mosul, Iraq as they sought to rescue and provide aid to victims in a recent attack within ISIS controlled neighborhoods. The organization, Free Burma Rangers, began as an effort to bring education, health and military assistance to the marginalized and ethnic minority in Burma. As other global issues arose, FBR expanded their scope to serve on the front-lines in not only Burma, but also Sudan and Iraq.

Dave described the situation, “All last night, people came crawling across the highway near the hospital near the first bridge. Early this morning we saw that at least four people were still alive including children, but ISIS controlled all access and swept the area by sniper, machine gun, mortar, and RPG fire. There was no way to help them even though they were only 150 yards away.”

Despite ISIS snipers and gunmen surrounding the team from three sides, Dave sought to rescue a child he noticed hiding under her dead mother’s hijab.

“As the smoke dissipated ISIS fire intensified. We called for more smoke and the Americans sent it right away again. I prayed and felt now or never and that if I died my family would understand that it was to save a little girl. I ran as fast as I could, snatched up the little girl from her mother and the pile of dead bodies, and made it back to the tank. ISIS was shooting all the time but so was the Iraqi tank.”

Demoa, the 5-year-old girl who was rescued is now alive and well, thanks to Dave and his team. She now resides with her aunt and grandmother who told Dave, “I have seen your picture and have been hoping to see you to thank you. You not only saved Demoa’s life, you saved mine. If she had died I think I would have died also. I have no other grandchildren and only one daughter left. But God had mercy. Thank you for risking your life to save her.”

Thank you for supporting us as we support incredible teams like The Free Burma Rangers. This is just one example of how the rangers risk their lives on a daily basis. The rangers quite literally lay their lives on the line every day as they navigate through land-mine filled lands, provide military assistance to those ostracized by their own government, and cross borders to provide aid and education.

MDF Instruments has had the enormous privilege of supporting FBR through their health initiatives and the Jungle School of Medicine. The Jungle School of Medicine provides a 14 month long training course for healthcare workers in Karen State, Burma, but often run into a shortage of medical supplies and damaged equipment due to the humid, jungle environment. The school and clinic trains medics to provide relief healthcare where the community previously had access to none. Stories of local Karen dying because of preventable disease and infection were rampant before the establishment of their clinic. It has now become a self-sustaining operation with the Karen teaching their own.

We are in awe of their courage to risk their lives everyday for others and thank the Free Burma Rangers for Crafting Wellness around the world.

Watch the CNN feature here:

Find out how you can get more involved here:

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