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Unsung: Michael McCormack

Unsung: Michael McCormack
June 26, 2015 No comments

What keeps you going?Knowing that if I drop out of medical school, I will be crushed by debt.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
I thought about being a professor or a forest ranger, I chose to be a doctor.
I just thought it was a real honor to participate in people’s lives, sometimes when their at their most vulnerable, and help them in really visceral way.

In one word, describe your first year in medical school.

What keeps you going?
Knowing that if I drop out of medical school I will be crushed by debt.

What does Crafting Wellness mean to you?

It means doing everything I can to ensure the physical, mental, and spiritual health of my patients.

What was a unique experience you had while in medical school?

On one of my first preceptorships I met a patient who was on the beaches of Normandy on D-day. He had just returned from a 70th anniversary trip with his daughter and it was the first time he had returned there since the war. I am a huge history buff and he was nice enough to talk about it with me for a little while; it was such an honor to get to talk to him and very moving that over 70 years later he was still emotional about the friends he lost on that day.

– Michael McCormack, Medical Student, University of Tennessee

Unsung, is a feature MDF proudly brings to the MDF community highlighting the incredible MDF’ers who are truly #CraftingWellness. We hope to inspire, encourage, and connect humanity by sharing the stories from the thousands of anonymous individuals whose imprint can be seen in the lives of countless others.

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