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Husband Honors Nurse Wife as a Super Hero

Husband Honors Nurse Wife as a Super Hero
July 27, 2016 No comments

Most of us have grown up idolizing superheroes from our beloved cartoons. In fact, if you ask someone what constitutes a superhero, they will most likely describe a person with a cape, a mask to hide one’s identity, cool gadgets to fight the bad guys, and the superhuman strength to fight crime all day. True, all these components do make up the perfect superhero. But what if I described another sort of superhero, one who wears scrubs, has cool gadgets to fight ailments and illnesses, and has the strength to work 14 hour days. Nurses are seldom referred to as superheroes but that’s because they too, like all great heroes, keep their superhero qualities under the radar from the world.

Bobby Wesson shared the hardships and selflessness his wife Rayene encounters on a day-to-day basis. The video gives a touching outside perspective on nurses and the qualities that make them amazing. Wesson clearly sees through his wife’s cheerful demeanor despite the difficult tasks faced by nurses during their 14 hour work day. Like any good superhero, the nurse does her job without a single complaint. The only time she feels defeated is when her patients are beyond her help, at which point she will come home and release her pain through tears or solemn silence.

Strong support systems are not only vital to nurses, but all medical professionals. Like every great hero who gains strength from their partner, Wesson demonstrates the understanding necessary to support a spouse or family member in healthcare. It can be a thankless job, and any thriving healthcare professional would attribute their successes to a solid support system.
I hope that Wesson’s video encourages medical professionals everywhere that they are truly unsung superheroes of the real world. We know that they all fight to make the world a better place using cool gadgets and extraordinary strength. Videos like the one above bring to light the hard work they do for others and how much appreciation they truly deserve.


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