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Nurses Go Above and Beyond to Host Wedding for Cancer Patient

Nurses Go Above and Beyond to Host Wedding for Cancer Patient
May 13, 2016 No comments

Couple Destini Schafer, 24 and Brandon Thomas, 31 halted wedding plans because of Schafer’s recent Stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Originally hoping to elope in Jamaica, Schafer was forced to cancel and sought treatment, only to be told that she would be too weak to continue chemotherapy. Nurse Ashley Shipley-Lovekamp banded together with other nurses and staff at the Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, Illinois to throw the couple a full-blown wedding in the hospital courtyard.

“Everyone should get the wedding they deserve,” Shipley-Lovekamp stated. The nurses worked tirelessly to get tuxedos, the dress, and other wedding supplies donated in just a matter of five days. The wedding was “better than it would have been [in Jamaica],” Schafer told The Huffington Post.

Schafer, a mother of three, was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer just two weeks before the wedding. After undergoing chemotherapy days after her diagnosis, Schafer was told that she was too weak to continue treatment and was advised to seek hospice care, thus sparking inspiration to Schafer’s nurses to provide a wedding she deserved.

After the wedding, Schafer’s health has miraculously improved! She has since undergone another chemotherapy session and is fighting for her newly married life! If you would like to contribute to Schafer’s fight, Schafer’s husband has created a GoFundMe page to support her battle against stomach cancer.

(Source: Huffington Post, Inside Edition)

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