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Unsung: Nyuma Harrison

Unsung: Nyuma Harrison
July 10, 2015 No comments

If I was not a nurse, I would be a teacher. Or a full-time mommy, not just to my own children, but to children all over the world. Nothing gives me a greater sense of power and purpose than inspiring others and helping young people find their own power and purpose.

When things get difficult, what keeps you going?

Remembering the words my father would say to me when I found myself struggling with mathematics in elementary school. I would get upset upon realizing the amount of extra work I would have to do to get better and he would say, “Feeling sorry for yourself won’t change anything. Change only happens when you work at it. No matter how you feel, you have to work at it.”

Why did you want to become a nurse?

My mother was a nurse and everything about her in that starched white uniform and everything about the way that she used to attend to us as children seemed perfect. So naturally, Nursing and nurturing were one in the same. Something I so wanted. And then there was my school nurse in boarding school. She let me work in her office and do dressings and put band-aids on my school mates when I was only 10. Those were the moments that planted the seeds and everything grew from there.

What does “Crafting Wellness” mean to you?

It means strategically picking and choosing the people, jobs, food, entertainment, hobbies that come together to create the life you want. A life with balance. A life with ambition. A life with goals. A life with peace. A life with laughter. A life with purpose. A life with light.

Do you happen to have particular moment that was memorable in your nursing experience?

The moment happens almost every day, when someone says “Thank you, I feel so much better now.” Healing can happen anywhere. Truly… Nursing is my profession. Nursing is my passion. Nursing is my life.

– Nyuma M. Harrison, RN, Career Services Specialist at John Hopkins University School of Nursing in Baltimore, Public Speaker

Instagram: @NurseNyuma

Unsung, is a feature MDF proudly brings to the MDF community highlighting the incredible MDF’ers who are truly #CraftingWellness. We hope to inspire, encourage, and connect humanity by sharing the stories from the thousands of anonymous individuals whose imprint can be seen in the lives of countless others.

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