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Study Better: 3 Simple Tips to Keep Your Life in Order

Study Better: 3 Simple Tips to Keep Your Life in Order
August 26, 2015 No comments

Nursing School 101 Part I: Organization

1. Get a Planner

Grab an organizer that is formatted for DAY to DAY scheduling

Write in major events and days like: exam days, ATI test dates, competency skill exams, process paper/ plan of care due dates, report due dates, dosage exams, etc.

Set reading goals per day!

Read ahead! Add reading assignments to your planner and be realistic! If it is in your planner, do it. That’s why I like to have to the day- to- day, hour – by- hour planners. When you’re done with the reading – cross it out! You’ll feel accomplished.

Make a notecard- put those dates everywhere!

If you are really OCD like me, I’ll create a little notecard with the “important dates” listed to stick in my binder where it is visible.

Get a calendar to hang on your wall or for your desk.

Fill in the dates with important events, similar to the process you did for your organizer. Having these dates everywhere helps hammer details that can get lost during the mayhem of school.

2. Utilize the “Two-Binder Method”

Get a Binder for School and Daily Use

I like to keep this binder to organize schoolwork by exam. For example, if you know your first exam will cover weeks 1 -3, dedicate this binder to the first 3 weeks of information. A binder that is 1 ½ – 2 inch works well. Be sure to include dividers that label and separate each week, lab, and clinical nursing skill labs.

Get a Binder for Cumulative Study and Keep it at Home!

You will need a much bigger notebook (I like to use a 3 inch binder) and want to keep it at home. After an exam is finished, you can take the contents of your first binder and store it in this binder to study later. You’ll thank me later when you want to study for your cumulative final!

3. Stick It Everywhere

Stick sticky notes on your mirror, refrigerator, anywhere you might veer off and try to procrastinate!

What I like to do is to stick the notes with important dates and reminders inside my laptop. Because we all know that procrastination consists of opening up our laptops and hopping from one website to another (Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook), at least the sticky note of “Things to do” will be on your screen and visible.

Bonus Tip – Printing

Avoid staying up late with last minute printing by staying ahead! Whatever your professors post, go ahead and print at the beginning of the semester. You will save a lot of time in the future and you will always look prepared.

Veralyn is a 21 year-old nursing student loving life inside and outside of nursing school. She is known as a major giggler and sometimes people wonder why it never ends. It’s simple, actually. She is a lover of God and thankful for the life she lives. Veralyn also enjoys working out whether it’s rock climbing or lifting weights. She has a love of adventure, trying new foods, and reading.

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