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13 Must-Read Tips to Prevent Stethoscope Theft and Loss

13 Must-Read Tips to Prevent Stethoscope Theft and Loss
November 11, 2016 No comments

Have you ever found yourself lending your stethoscope to a fellow colleague — let’s call that person Dr. House — never to see that stethoscope again? Or maybe you have some bad luck and your stethoscope disappears in the middle of a long work day. The thought of having to purchase another expensive medical equipment on such short notice can be daunting for avid stethoscope users. So here are some tips to keeping your stethoscope from being lost or stolen.

  1. Try purchasing a brightly colored stethoscope in a unique color or finish, as it will stand out amongst commonly colored stethoscopes. Variety-Colorful-Stethoscopes
  2. Engrave your stethoscope. Whenever your stethoscope grows legs, you’ll be able to identify that the stethoscope is truly yours!mdf-instruments-prevent-theft-engraved-stethoscope-2
  3. Write your name on the stethoscope with a sharpie
  4. Place an ID ring, button, or tag on your stethoscope.
  5. Place a “sweater” on the tubing of the stethoscope to make it distinguishable. This will also prevent bodily oils from wearing out the tubing over time.
  6. Keep your stethoscope in your pocket at all times if you become tired of wearing it around your neck.
  7. Avoid leaving your stethoscope on a busy workstation or someone else’s desk
  8. Put your stethoscope in a secure locker
  9. Place a your stethoscope down out of sight and in a drawer if no lockers are available
  10. If you must let someone borrow your stethoscope, give it to them in exchange for something that belongs to them. You will surely get your stethoscope back right away if you practice this technique.
  11. If you can, snap a photo of whoever borrows your stethoscope to remember who borrowed it last.
  12. You can always respectfully decline others from borrowing your stethoscope.
  13. Remember, Halloween is high time for stethoscope theft! This the time where a lot your colleagues, patients, or other medical staff members will be looking for that free stethoscope to complete their costume.

Here are a few Don’ts to keep in mind when you’re customizing your stethoscope:

  1. Don’t customize your stethoscope with stickers because it can cause issues with disinfecting and cleaning. In addition, some hospital policies advise against it.
  2. Don’t place anything inside the diaphragm (name tags, etc.) because it can reduce sound performance.
  3. Don’t use nail polish on the diaphragm or tubing. Nail polish will harden and decrease diaphragm amplification and performance. Also, nail polish will not stick to tubing and is corrosive to PVC.
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