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THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser X MDF Instruments

THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser X MDF Instruments
September 30, 2016 No comments


THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser X MDF Instruments

For the month of October, MDF Instruments is partnering with THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser to honor brave patients battling breast cancer. Together, we have created a special, limited-edition Rose Gold Stethoscope that will support in-need breast cancer patients. $5 from the sale of every limited-edition stethoscope will go directly to help patients THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser serves.

As part of THE BCF’s mission to preserve the dignity of breast cancer patients and their loved ones, THE BCF has crafted the WeCare Program to assist economically disadvantaged patients in their initial stages of diagnosis. Each WeCare Package is filled to the brim with supplies that address the needs of a breast cancer patient and focus on the following areas: WeCare about your comfort, WeCare about your journey, WeCare about your beauty, WeCare about your health & wellness, and WeCare about your loved ones.

MDF Instruments is honored to not only provide financial support to THE BCF, but also stethoscopes for every WeCare Package for the following year. Because a breast cancer patient’s journey is not fought alone, MDF Instruments invites patients to “Pay It Forward” and thank the stellar nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals who are vital to a patient’s fight.

To support THE BCF, shop the Breast Cancer Awareness Stethoscope now.

Why THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser?

We partnered with THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser because of their patient focused mission: preserving the dignity of breast cancer patients and loved ones through integrative services and by providing WeCare Packages to patients in socio-economically disadvantaged areas. THE BCF is a 100% volunteer run 501(c)(3) non-profit seeking ways to fulfill needs that many hospitals do not currently provide, which means every dollar helps patients! We love how personal THE BCF is, how many members of their organization are breast cancer survivors, and how every program initiated is inspired by real breast cancer patients. Founded in Orange County, California by the passion of an 19-year old woman named Nilo G., THE BCF has evolved to help hundreds of patients in 10 hospitals across 6 states. What began as a one-off backyard event to raise funding for Nilo’s best friend’s mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer, became a grass-roots movement to help in-need patients locally and across the nation.

One of THE BCF’s patient inspired programs was initiated by a breast cancer patient named Erin Monroe. Erin’s story is below:

“Gandhi once said – “be the change you want to see in the world.” This saying took on a whole new meaning when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 at 27 years old. I can honestly say that this battle has been the toughest challenge of my life. But- there is always a silver lining, even in the most trying of times…and for me, it was learning of this strength I never knew I had.

But I had to work for that strength. It’s taken me years to piece my life back together and in looking back I remember how scared I was. I remember not having many resources. I remember needing a lot of help and figuring things out on my own. There wasn’t a set way to navigate thru the initial stages of my diagnosis. If I wasn’t so habitually organized and exposed to a supportive network of people, my journey would have been THAT much more difficult than it already was.

And that’s where the idea of the WeCare Program came from. I wanted to give future breast cancer patients something I didn’t have, something tangible that would allow them to start off on the right foot…with confidence…in knowing what they’re doing and knowing they aren’t alone. This is a WeCare Package designed by me and intended to be a vessel of strength for breast cancer patients. It has been curated, nourished and brought to fruition by my amazing friends at THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser.”

Breast cancer WeGive Day

What are WeCare Packages?

WeCare Packages are meticulously packed to meet the needs of patients and their families in the initial stages of diagnosis. They focus around comfort, journey, beauty, health and wellness, and loved ones. Goodies include: mints to help patients mask the metallic taste that comes with chemotherapy, socks and hats to keep patients warm, nail polish to keep things fun, yoga mats to help meditate and recenter, water bottles to stay hydrated, a journal to record thoughts, stationary donated by Alison Giardinelli’s family, a patient who passed away from breast cancer that loved sending thank you notes to loved ones, and many more items that support patients physically and emotionally. The WeCare Packages and WeGive Day events serve to remind patients that WeCare and that they are not alone.


WeGive Day

Every quarter, THE BCF meets at the St. Joseph Cancer Center to honor newly diagnosed in-need breast cancer patients. This past WeGive Day on September 22nd, MDF Instruments was invited to help welcome patients and assist in disseminating WeCare Package contents.

Patients were invited to partake in touch-up make-up beauty counters, enjoy baked treats, and to fill up their own WeCare Package. Breast cancer survivors, family members from passed breast cancer patients, and volunteers assisted in greeting patients and handing out items to fill each patient’s package.

MDF Instruments was stationed by the “We Care about Your Loved Ones” area and enjoyed explaining to patients how every stethoscope we placed in their bag were to help thank the special nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals that care for them. Many patients were moved, thankful to be given a gift to give back to the ones that care for them.

The WeGive Day experience was truly an inspirational event, with several patients even taking the stage to deliver impromptu speeches. As patients shared their experiences and cheered on fellow patients, the room was filled with hope, warm vibes, and tears of gratitude. It was clear to see that events like these are crucial for the patient community. It helped reaffirm patients that they were not alone, was a reminder that other brave individuals just like them are by their side, and that support is available if they ever need it.

We are excited to support THE BCF and their mission over the next year, as we commit to provide a “Pay it Forward” MD One Stethoscope to every patient they serve through the WeCare Program.

To learn more about THE BCF and how you can contribute, please check out:


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