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The Future of Our Healthcare

The Future of Our Healthcare
November 28, 2016 No comments

It can take people years or even decades to find the right vocation. I myself considered being an economist in high school, a lawyer at the beginning of college, an advertiser in the midst of college, and finally a restaurateur by the end of college. People are more or less like me when it comes to choosing a career path. But then there are those who are lucky enough to find their calling early on in life. More often that calling comes from a deep unwavering passion for something.

In the case of 6 year old Laramie, she found her calling at the age of 5 when her PawPaw (grandfather) had a heart attack in November of 2015. According to Laramie’s mother, young Laramie had become anxiety ridden after her PawPaw’s brush with death. She had even began to lose weight from the stress of losing her best friend. It was then that Laramie began to watch videos of open heart and aortic valve surgeries on YouTube. She was determined to know how to make her PawPaw better again.

Laramie’s PawPaw went in for open heart surgery in late December of that year and on the day of his surgery, Laramie begged her mother to let her miss school so that she could meet the surgeon who would bring back her best friend healthy and well again. Laramie got all her wishes that day as her PawPaw’s surgery went flawlessly and she got to meet the man who had saved her best friend. Since then, Laramie’s interest in cardiology has developed into a passionate obsession as she continues to watch educational videos about cardiology, especially aortic valve surgery so that she can one save people like her PawPaw.

The future of healthcare is bright with passionate individuals like Laramie; her story is one that many medical professionals can relate to because every nurse, PA, or doctor can think back to when they made the decision to pursue a career in serving others. Furthermore, stories like Laramie’s can be the inspiring factor for undecided candidates who are innately concerned about the wellbeing of people. So if you know someone like young Laramie, nourish their capacity to care for those around them because they could very well use that to make a difference through their work.

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