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Three Tips to Make Everyday a Productive Study Day

September 2, 2015 No comments

Nursing School 101: Part II

Make your Study Sessions More Productive

by: Veralyn Deguzman

Who has the energy to read 5 chapters, take notes, fully comprehend the reading, and reach level 5 on PrepU right after a 4 hour seminar or full clinical day? (NOT ME). But you know what they say, “It’s better to do a little something each day than nothing at all,” so here are some tips to help you do a little something each day to help you prepare for an upcoming exam!

Mini Study Session:

Set a goal

  • Set a goal and organize a plan to accomplish something each day that will help you attain the grade you want

Your preparation for the next exam starts right after you walk away from your previous exam

Listen to lecture

  • I highly suggest you invest in a handy-dandy recorder! If you can, purchase one that you can charge, plug into your computer/laptop, and of course, has quality recording technology.
  • It doesn’t take much effort to plug your headphones into your recorder and re-listen to a lecture you’ve already heard! Have your notes in front of you, and jot down whatever you missed the first time around. It also helps to have your textbook out just in case you need further clarification.
  • You will find yourself to have an easier time memorizing material, retaining what your professor emphasized, and having a better grasp on what you thought you didn’t understand the first time you heard the lecture.

Make flashcards

  • Take a disease process or key concept and write down the important information for each one
    • Define & pathophysiology
    • Clinical Manifestation
    • Diagnostic tests & labs
    • **Nursing interventions/ actions/ special considerations

Practice NCLEX style questions

  • This is the #1, most important, golden study tip
  • Purchase a textbook and an online resource that allows you to take practice questions on the subjects you are going to be tested on.
  • The more practice questions you do on the subject, helps you get prepared for the type of questions your professors may give you

Make sure it has these:

  • NCLEX style questions
  • Feedback
  • Test taking tips

I would recommend having more than one study guide, Saunders and Lippincott are two brands that I use everyday.

Veralyn is a 21 year-old nursing student loving life inside and outside of nursing school. She is known as a major giggler and sometimes people wonder why it never ends. It’s simple, actually. She is a lover of God and thankful for the life she lives. Veralyn also enjoys working out whether it’s rock climbing or lifting weights. She has a love of adventure, trying new foods, and reading.

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