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Taking Culture into Account: Universal Promise Steps Up to Provide Better Care for Addo Residents

Taking Culture into Account: Universal Promise Steps Up to Provide Better Care for Addo Residents
August 9, 2016 No comments

Crafting Wellness is a long commitment of ours. We are dedicated to supporting organizations who are truly improving the state of wellness all over the world. Universal Promise (UP) is one of our Crafting Wellness partners who has truly stepped up to transform healthcare for their community in Addo, South Africa.

Taking into account of cultural nuances, UP partnered with the Addo Clinic to meet their residents without shaming or guilting patients. Instead of meeting patients at community health centers, as patients are traditionally accustomed, UP met with patients privately in their homes. While this may not sound extraordinarily ground-breaking, it allowed UP to better serve patients who may not have otherwise sought treatment. Patients did not have to go through a public shaming of seeking medical attention, and were able to become educated on how to address their ailments. It is these little steps that are patient-focused that are transforming the state of healthcare.

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You can read more from their excerpt below:

Education and health are inextricably linked; illness is a major barrier to academic success. If a child is sick, her concentration is impaired, which could result in her failing to perform to her fullest potential. Accounting for all the factors that affect education, Universal Promise designed the UP Health Education Initiative.

In partnership with the Addo Clinic and MDF Instruments, a Universal Promise volunteer team walked throughout Langbos giving community members full medical work-ups. The doctor, nurse practitioners, and community health worker were invited and welcomed into homes where they administered full physical exams, including the measurement of blood pressure, weight, temperature, and blood sugar. They also screened for HIV, tuberculosis, breast cancer, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, and medication adherence.

By insisting on this private arrangement, and not a public forum in the community center, this unprecedented model eliminated the embarrassment and shame that comes with health issues, provided residents with a better understanding of disease, shed light on the treatment they should expect to receive, and discussed how to respond when treatment falls below expectations.

To augment the medical visits, the medical team held health education sessions at the community center on nutrition and exercise, family planning, sexual health, childcare, and hygiene. Each day the crowd was so big that we had to hold the teaching sessions outside.

Without exaggeration, this initiative saved lives.

Source: (Universal Promise)

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