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You work hard. You look effortless. For those who embody both form and function, our Rose Gold design is tailored for you. These best-selling MD One and Classic Cardiology stethoscopes are made for the rigors of long days and late nights without ever losing their twinkle. Listen in luxury.


Your course load is heavy enough! Lighten up with the MDF Titanium stethoscope. Perfect for the on-the-go student, these super light-weight titanium stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers will be the perfect all-purpose diagnostic tools as you run from class to clinicals.


Black on black on black. If the absence of color is your thing, go incognito with our BlackOut stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers! Diagnose with accuracy, get Free-Parts-for-Life, and get covered for life with our Life-Time Warranty all while being true to your aesthetic.


Not sure which specialty you'll commit to after school? Fear not! These fully convertible stethoscopes allow for diagnosing a range of patients. Whether its infant, pediatric, or adult humans (or animals!), these stethoscopes can shift in an instant to suit your patient's needs.

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