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The power to save lives
The power to save lives
The power to save lives
The power to save lives
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A stethoscope is the most important diagnostic tool all medical professionals share. They are used around the world, in many different situations, on many different patients but the reason is always the same. To help someone heal....

It is with this mindset that every MDF stethoscope is crafted. It is a symbol of hope and an instrument for learning. Each time one of our stethoscopes is used it has the ability to aid in a precise diagnosis and the accuracy of that diagnosis is paramount.

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, vet, EMT or any other type of medical professional, we have a stethoscope that fits your exact needs. Premium Sound, Lightweight, Design, Personal Style, Economy, Patient Size and Durability are just some of the criteria you use to find the perfect stethoscope that is Uniquely You. And at MDF we cater to all healthcare workers. Because, weather you use your stethoscope for your professional practice, school or on medical missions, we donated thousands of stethoscopes every year so that your stethoscope is helping save lives, even when you're not at work.

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The power to save lives - Instruments donated; People served

Instruments Donated: 45,480

People Served: 2,045,842



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